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RCMB - Advenchures in Canada
Saturday, 21 May 2005
Some new dirty laundry
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Jackson's point of view
Yo - dis here is Jackson, da cute one of da houz (I no dis - cuz I amma cute an no odder bun is gonna take dat fwom me)...


So, I found out aboud dis blog an sed dat I wanned to say somefin too - culd I???? Pweeeze???. So Mawmie sed yes, I amma old enuf now to do a blog!


So, wike, I have been up to a lotta stuff sinz Mawmie an Daddie brot me home. I hadda twip to da v-e-t's offiss an discovered dat I didn't wike him one bit. He took my bewwies. Just wait until I see him agan tho, I have a surpwize in stowe for him. Bwahahaha. Den...My Mawmie an Daddie moved me innu dere bedwoom wen, wike, I came back fwom da v-e-t's offiss so dat I culd have lots of woom to hop awound in an a nice soft pwace to lay down for my sore bitz. They thot dat I wuld be sore. Ha. I showed dem. I wuz runnin around in my pen dat nite, hoppin an pwayin. I amma tuff. An ever sinz den, wike, nofin can stop me. I amma "hi-energee bun" as my Mawmie sez. Don't know wat dat meenz...Den...I have a pen wite in front of da entertane-ment centre, an it has itz own hidey-hole bilt in!!! Wike, I mean, how gwate is dat???? Wike, really kool!!!! nite, I discovered dat dere are two odder doors down dere on eider side of my hidey spot dat wike clik open. Wile Mawmie an Daddie were sleepin, I wuz runnin awound my area and body-slammed innu da door. Wuz I ever surpwized wen it opened! Gee...wike a new hidey hole jus fer me??? Wow!!!! Kool...Inishally, Daddie thot he had me out-smarted. He clicked da door shut. I showed him! Bwahahaha. I knows dat I can open da doors by body slammin dem, so I jus kept on doin it. Hehehe. Now, Daddie an Mawmie jus leeve da doors open for me cuz dey know dat if dey close dem, dey haf to lissen to me body slammin dem in da middow of da nite.

*run-run-flop-rest-hop up*

Hey!!!!! Haf yoo guyz found out aboud da toobs? Wike, dere are dese toobs dat come outta da bafwoom an dey are small and skwishy an perfect for chewin on?? Dey are GWEAT! I luv dem. Daddie an Mawmie give me da toobs - I gets soo eks-cited aboud dem I will hop over an gwab dem fwom dem and hop off wif dem. Wike, I run wif toob.


Oh!!! Rite!!! I wuz typin wasn't I? Hmm...wat else is dere to tawk aboud? Hmm...well, Daddie an Mawmie, wike, pway wif my toyz an dat is not gud. I towd dem to get their own toyz, an I will gwab it fwom dere hand-paws and put it outta reech. Oh!!!! *binky* Dere is dis odder ting I wonner if odder bunz know...have you ever "spidermanned"? I wanned to come out dis mornin an, wike, pway, but dey sed I culd come out later - so I sed, "humpf", an jumped rite up onnu da pen an just sorta hung dere. I had my front paws above my head an my back paws hangin down. I thot it wuz fun - Daddie sed I culd hurt myself an I shuld get down. So I hung dere for a few more secondz and den decided to get down cuz I wanned to come out later an didn't wannu get in twoble an, wike, get gwounded.


Hmmm...wut else is dere? Oh!!!!! I gotta new pootie box - Mawmie an Daddie sez I amma gwoin bun an I got a gwon-upz box now. HEHEHE. Dis is gud. I amma gwoin up.

Wat's dat??? Oh, wike, Mawmie sez dat I need to hav sum dinner now so, wike, I'z gots to go. Dis wuz fun! I towd Mawmie dat I wanned to do dis more often. She sez dat da odder bunz need to post too an dat we all gotta share.



Dis is noo. Annodder ting to, wike, invest-e-gate!!!

See ya later, dude!

da yung bun inna houz

Posted by ritchie-warren at 5:56 PM PDT
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Da blog dat took forever...
Hewwo, dis here is Vinnie repowtin in fwom da Ritchie warren.

I wuz nodda happy bun da past few weeks. Grammaw towd me aboud a monf ago dat she wuld let me tipe inna blog so dat all da werld cud weed wat's impowtant to me. I thot dis wuz gweat. I wuz eks-cited. I binkied to show my apweshiashun.

So I wayted. An wayted. An wayted sum more. I even tossed my hay basket to show dat I wuz upset. An nufin.

So, I tuk dis up wif Grampaw. I sed dat I wanned my puter time dat I wuz pwomised. Grampaw towd me dat Grammaw rememberd, but dat she had been buzzie at werk an run down wen she came back home. Dat I shud be pashent for a widdo bit wonger and dat soon Grammaw wuld take me to da puter room.

So, I did. I waited a bit wonger. Shur enuf, Grampaw wuz wite. Grammaw cweaned my condo today and said dat it was my time to go onna puter and type wut I wuz pwannin on typin. I wuz happy.

So. Here I am. Me, Vinnie, da "mussel man" of da houz as Grammaw sez. I owiginally had a bunch of tings dat I wanned to wite aboud. An I still do. But....

You see, I knows dat Grammaw an Grampaw werk each day. Dey usually come home after werk an den do saladz fer us bunz, den dey haf dinner, den dey pway wif us an den dey go to bed. But dis time wuz diffwent and to tell you da truf - I did not wike it won bit.

Grammaw sed to me dat she wuz tired - she hadda so much werk to do an she wuz da onwy bun to do it inna her offiss. She hadda no help. No odder bun to come awong an give her a helpin paw. An she sed dat it wuz onwy gonna get bizzie-er an dis made her vewy tired. I sed dat she shuld fwop like us an havva nap. Naps help you see. But she sed she could not do dat. Grampaw didn't get to see her much dis past few weeks an she werked "over-time" for a bit an dat wore her out an she hassn been able to catch up sinz den.

An, as a con-see-kwence, us bunz didn't get to see her as much. Dis is not gud.

So Grampaw sed dat he wud help out aroun da houz a bit more wif us so dat she culd get some time to rest at nite when she gets home and dat he wud help out wif anyting else dat Grammaw sed she needed help wif. Grammaw really liked dis and towd Grampaw dat she apweshiated dis a lot.

So, assa member of our warren - I tink dat us bunz are gonna help Grammaw oud a bit more too. I will twy and keep fwom messin up my hay basket an Amewia an Tweek (my mawmie an daddie) will twy and not fwing da fud bool as often. Da odder bunz sed dey wuld twy an keep dere condos cleen too.

Mostwy - we will twy an give Grammaw lotz of cuddo time. Lotz of kissez wen we can an twy an show her we luv her even thoh she has ta werk late sometimez an is a litto gwumpy in da mornin becauz she is tired. We forgive you Grammaw! We still luv yoo - lotz.

Also - we thot dat if we cud keep our areaz cween she wuldn't haf to spend too much time wif da pootie sucker an dat wuld meen more puter time fer us. We tink dis will be gud.

So - we shuld be postin a lot more now sinz we are all pitchin in to do our part in da warren. Cuz dat is wat we shuld do for da onez we luv. Wen one bun needs dat helpin paw, we lend it, cuz we never no wen we mite need dere help sometime to get us throo.

aka Vin-vins or mussel man, watever dat meens.

PS - I am also gonna wite more aboud dose odder tings I wanned to say too, but it's time fer my nap. I will haf to wite aboud dem later.

Posted by ritchie-warren at 4:38 PM PDT
Monday, 21 February 2005
Situashun critical - we have an insane swabe...
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Wat da...?
Hokay, dis here is Pwetty Pwincess Panda.

It looks like our Mawmie has finally lost her marbles. Of corse, dis is sumfin I have been wonderin aboud ever sinz I got here, but dat's annodder story.

You see, my Mawmie tinks dat she is Top Bun now, an dat she is tired of bein called a swabe - she is talkin dat she wants her rites back. Pweddy silly, I know. So, wat does she do? She insults RIFRAF.


Now dis is gettin outta control. She tinks dat she shud have her own posishun as a hoomin rites advizer for RIFRAF so she can protect the hoomins dat have no voice because they are swabes.

I know. Sad, isn't it?

I say she needs to go back onna her meds. Apparently, Daddie is twyin to get her to take dem. Dis may be a gud idea. She has lost it (well, I tink she never had it inna first pwace, but again, dat's annodder story).

Well. I asked Mawmie yesterday just wat her position is an why she is raisin a fuss aboud dis. She sed to me dat she finks dat she is entitled to some rites wif RIFRAF an dat she finks da hoomins are gettin da short end offa stik. She wants to libber-ate herself from dem an she issa takin a stand. She tinks dat because she is a Keeper offa Cwaisins dat she has a good negoshiating position.

I darn neer choked onna my hay wen I herd dis, I was lafin so hard. I towd her dat she has no idea wat she is gettin into.

You see, assa bun, I have rites too, I sed. I sed I have a rite to have my pootie box cleaned sinz I can't do it myself. I have a rite to have my water bowl cleaned and my food dish cleaned and my salad dish re-filled wen its empty. I have a rite to have pats, because I amma cute. I have a rite to my Cwaisins because I do earn dem - I earn dem by lettin her twim my nailz (even tho I don't like it), by showin her my tummie wen I fwop, by lettin her use da pootie-suker in my condo to cwean, by jus bein cute in general.

So, I sed to her iffa you wanna have your rites, you gotta let me have mine. You can't take away my rites to my Cwaisins an expect me to jus let you have your rites all offa sudden. We have to nego-shiate. Dats wat intellygent peepol do, an dat's wat us bunz do.

She sed dat I hadda gud point. I sed of course I have a gud point.

Well. Den she went off to her offise because she had sum werk to do, but she sed on her way by dat she wuld tink aboud tings. I told her to hab some hay - tings always look beddar after sum hay.

Den I gotta tinking myself after sum hay an my nap. I thot dat she hadda point too. Dat if we waz all gonna lib togedder, den we shud make it beddar for one annodder. Alla us togedder - like my fwends down in Noo Jersey. Dat shuld inclood da hoomins. Alla us togedder, all for one an one for all.

So (as my deer fwend Belinda bunny usta say), dis is wat I tink.

Us bunz shuld let our hoomins have dere rites. Hoomins shuld let us have our rites. We shud all twy to getta long. After all, it shuld be no bun and no one OnAlone. We are even more den a warren now - we are family. And families shuld stik togedder, no matter wat. Dis is wat my Mawmie told me and dis is wat I told da odder bunz in da houz.

Family. I tink dat mite even be a beddar werd dan warren...jus maybe.

Pwetty Pwincess Panda
Reportin live from Canada.

Posted by ritchie-warren at 10:46 AM PST
Thursday, 17 February 2005
New Blog Thingy
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Magik cawpet ride
Dis here is Tweek. I amma da Pwincess of da kit-chen as my Mawmie sez.

I wanned to post an say tank yu to my Daddie. Da odder nite, Mawmie was cweanin' Vinnie's condo, an she had da paper towel roll down onna da floor. My husbun, Amewia, likes to pway wif dis. So, my Mawmie gave him a skware. Den she gave sum to Daddie to pway wif us wif so she culd finish da condo cweanin.

Daddie had a thot. He decided to make a little skware wif a knot onna one side, an he lade it onna da floor so we culd pway wif it all we wanned (I wike to throw tings around a wot).

I decided to go pway wif it last nite, an I hopped on it. I decided dat sinz I hava gud imag-in-ashun I culd make it fwy!! Now, dis culd come in handy doin my gard bun dooties during da nites. An, I tink dat I look pretty sleek on makes a girl bun look yung again, yu know...

Two paws way up for da magic cawpet! Tank you Daddie!!

Cawpet Rider extra-ordinair

Posted by ritchie-warren at 2:42 PM PST
Wednesday, 2 February 2005
First Blog Thingy
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: A noo bun inna houz...
Hello fwends, dis is Amewia again. Well, we hadda noo development last nite wif dis noo bun.

We had all spent a pwetty kwiet nite inna houz, us buns dat is. I assumed dat my Mawmie an Daddie were jus werkin in da offiss cuz I cud heer dem tie-pin for a bit. Well, dis was not da kase. I didn' see dem for a wile an den my Mawmie kame in to da kit-chen to get sum stuff done for lunchez. My Mawmie kame over to da karpet an patted Vinnie a bit.

Wile she was dere, I hopped over to give her a nose bonk, cuz I amma gud bun. But wat do I smell???? Annodder bun smell!!!! Mawmie forgots to change befor she kame innu da kit-chen!!! All I cud smell was dis introoder inna my warren!!!

So, as a Top Bun offa kit-chen wud do, I began to get angwy. Mawmie didn' notiss at first cuz she was pattin Vinnie. My wifebun, Tweek, kame over too to get sum pats fwom Mawmie. She was chinnin' Mawmie and pwayin wif her sokks. I wen over to tell my wifebun aboud dis introoder an den I notissed dat she smelled wike dis odder guy bun. I was not amoosed.

I fell bad aboud dis nekst pawt - I didn' meeen too, but I was so angwy wif Mawmie for seein annodder guy bun dat I sort of chased my wifebun arownd a bit an skared her. She didn know wat was happenin an she turned arownd and kame back to me. Den I nipped. I didn meeen too!!!!

Mawmie was konserned an den realized wut she had done, an apologized to me an da rest of us here in da kit-chen. She feelz bad aboud it all - but I amma not gonna hold it aganst her, she an Daddie were really tired an sweepy an she did not havva gud day. I know wat dose are wike.

So, I amma bit sad today sinz I didn' meeen to hurt my wifebun an it made me a bit sad dat she wuz so skared. I made up wif her an told her dis, an she seemz to be a happy bun agan. But, I still feel bad.

Mawmie sez dat I amma still a gud boy, an it wuz her falt for not takin notiss of wat she had on wen she came innu da kit-chen. She gave me pats.

All in all, nodda very gud nite for us kit-chen bunz, but today is sunny an I am gonna nap onna my chare. Den maybbe cuddle a bit wif my girl.

Will keep you posted onna dis noo bun. I amma gonna find out were dis guy is an den show him woose boss aroun here.


Posted by ritchie-warren at 1:24 PM PST
Tuesday, 1 February 2005
First Blog Thingy
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: A noo bun inna houz...
Well. Dis here is Pwincess Panda. For da rekord, I amma Inkwish SPOT, not dat odder name dat sum people say. Ahem. Now dat dis has been made perfektly cwear, I shall move on to odder sub-jekts.

See, I am da Top Bun of da dinnin' room as Mawmie sez. I fink I amma Top Bun of ebberyfing, but I let her tink she has some power, but me an Daddie knows different.

Bein' Top Bun carries wif it alotta pressur to do the observin' of da warren. Dis is what I amma observin', and somethin' smells funny.

Ebberyfing started out all rite on da weekend; Mawmie an Daddie gave us all pets, water and fud an den sed dey wud be "rite back". Dey left, wich is fine sinz I knew dey were gettin' our fud fromma store.

Well. Dey came back all rite, but dey smelled diffrent. I cud hear a rukus in da bedroom area an da extra puppy pen gate was bein toted by Mawmie innu da bedroom. Dis does not bode well to me. When Mawmie gets da Pen out, dis usually means one offa bunz is gonna come out to pway in da houz. But dis time, no bun appeared to pway. I hurd Mawmie tawkin wif Daddie an den Mawmie comez out smellin' funny.

Now, I am notta stoopid. Mawmie may tink she is "sly" but I know wen tings are jus not addin up, you know? She comes outta da fud room dat has dis gate up so dat me an da fud room bunz, Amewia an Tweek an Vinnie, can't get to each odder. Mawmie sez apparwently we have ishoos. I don't know what ishoos are, alla I know is dat Tweek bun annoys me.

Now, when Mawmie comes outta da fud room (what's appawently known as a kit-chen - mebbe dere is kits in dere...) wif fud, an doesn't give any to us out here, dat means one fing:

Dere is annodder bun in dis houz.

I fink dey shood jus tell us da troof. After all, we mite not take it all dat bad. Course, Amewia didn' like it, but he's weerd annyway. No bun OnAlone. Dat souns like a pwan.

As long as dis noo bun doesn't touch my hay an unnerstands dat I am Top Bun, we shood be fine.

Imma gonna have a nap an tink aboud dis some more. Hopefully, wen I wake up, dere is no more new bunz. Hopefully.

Posted by ritchie-warren at 1:45 PM PST
First Blog thingy
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: There is a new bunny somewhere >:-|
Dis here be Amelia. I thought dat I should start dis here blog thingy off that mom created yesterday cuz I got sumthin to say. I am not pleased what so ever . Dere is evidence of anudder bunny here in dis house. Evidence of some little guy bun dat hasn't had his berries picked yet. I smelled dis here mystery bun lasted night when mom put up da puppy pen gate thing to clean out Vinnie's pooty box. I don't like da puppy pen gate as it keeps me and da wife bun off "our" carpet area. Not to mention dat I'm not all dat fond of Vinnie since he thought he could kick my butt and become top bun 'round here. HA! I showed him, but dat is anudder story. So mom puts up dis pen and Vinnie hops out. I hop over to say hi to Vinnie and but what do I smell on da pen thingy, but a new bun! Oh dis makes me so mad!! I'm so mad dat I start grunting (da first time I do dis), lunging at da pen thingy cuz I think dat dis new bun is in wif Vinnie. I get all mad at Vinnie cuz I think dat he is hidin dis new bun in da condo wif him and try to nip dat Vinnie thru da pen. Meanwhile Vinnie is getting all scared cuz I am so mad and is sayin "What did I do?" and I tell him dat "he has a new bun in dere wif him", he say "No I don't! Dere ain't no new bun here!". He eventually goes and hides back in his condo. He says dat dere is no new bun, but I can smell him on da pen! So pace the outside of da pen, box it, chin it, grunt at it until mom takes it away. Once mom takes da stinky pen away I have to pooty all over da carpet to make sure dat dis bun smell is gone from MY area. All my investigations did not reveal dis new bun, just his smell on da pen. Where is dis new bun! I gotta show him who is in charge here. Once dat pen was taken away my mom da smell went away too (good riddence), I could get back to da carpet and dat made me happier. After fuming a bit more, my wife bun hopped over told me to calm down, stop being a jerk, and hold still as I needed a bit of a bath. Dis was nice of her as it made me feel bedder. Den when dad gotted home he gave me some scritches and pets which also helped make me feel bedder and happier. But somewheres dere is a new bun.

Amelia (who's happy again)

(Note from Dad: Da pen dat mom used last night was the same one dat we used for Jackson until we got an area set up for him. Jackson had done a lot of chinning on the puppy pen which is what Amelia could smell.)

Posted by ritchie-warren at 11:03 AM PST

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